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Wk Beg 29th Jan



This week we are reading the story 'The Little Red Hen.' We have the characters from the story in our small world, so the children can retell the story. We will be exploring paint by doing finger and hand prints. We will be discussing how bread was made in the past and how it is made today. We will be writing a list of ingredients we need to make bread. We will have a go at making some bread rolls!


In drawing club, we will be introducing new vocabulary such as harvest, grain, assist, kneed, sow. We will be drawing the little red hen, the windmill, a robot to help the little red hen do all her jobs and designing a sandwich for the little red hen. We will be using our code words and passcodes to make funny things happen.


In phonics, this week we will be recapping the sounds qu, ch, sh, th. The tricky words we will be focusing on are, are and all. Please make sure when your child reads their Phonic book, Sound Book and Tricky Book you write it in the Reading diary so we can see how they are getting on.


In maths, we will be making 6, 7 and 8. We will read the story Six Dinner Sid and order the houses Sid visits. We will be using 10 frames and loose parts to count out 6, 7, and 8. We will be exploring different ways to make 6,7 and 8.