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4th September

We will spend time getting to know everyone and finding out how everyone learns best.


Year 1 will have literacy, maths and phonics daily. The other subjects this week will likely have teacher input but then be within their continuous provision while they transition from reception. 

Year 1 will have a session every week (provisionally Wednesday afternoon) in the outside learning classroom. 


Literacy - We will create some class rules together and write these in a full sentence, looking at what makes a sentence. We will be using the text 'Giraffe's can't dance' to write sentences about what the children can do and what they can't do yet. They will be talking about and writing about what they like and their friends like. They will be describing Gerard and labelling a picture of him. 


Phonics - Year 1 - we will be recapping the basic 3 digraph sounds. 


Year 2 - They will be revising the phase 3 and 5 flashcards and we will be checking which ones they know individually. We will spend this week reading some of the year 2 common exception words, going over some of the year 1 ones and practising spelling these. We will also be revising the alphabet. 


Maths - Year 2 - We will begin a unit on place value. We will be revising numbers to 20, counting objects to 100 by making 10's, recognising 10's and 1's, using a place value chart and partitioning numbers to 100.


Year 1 - will be learning to sort objects, count objects, count objects from a larger group, represent objects and recognise numbers as words.


Science - We will be splitting for science. Mrs Blackwood will teach year 2 and Mrs Burnett will teach year 1. We will have our first session on all about us, revising previous learning and building on it.


Geography - We will be setting up a weather station and doings some role play as weather presenters.


Art - We will be artists as collectors and explorers, creating a visual list of places and ideas.


Computing -We will begin with an online safety talk about passwords and computer use. Year 2 will discuss what to do if people are unkind online. Can we all get onto Purple Mash?


RE - We will be learning about the Creation Story.


RSE - We will be describing how it feels to be a member of a group.