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W/C 5th Feb

Well done to everyone, we've made it to the last week before half term! 



Yr 4 - This week we are starting a new unit on Fractions. We will be understanding a whole, counting beyond 1, how to partition a mixed number, using a number line to show a mixed number and then compare and order mixed numbers.

Yr 5 - We have finally finished our Fractions unit and moving on to Decimals and Percentages (with a little more on fractions!). We will be revisiting decimals up to 2 places and then move onto learning about equivalent decimal and fractions (tenths and hundredths) and learning thousandths as a fraction.


Literacy in Ash

We have been looking at formal and informal language, this week we will be looking at the feature of a letter and the language that can be used.


Literacy in Maple Class

We have really enjoyed reading our book this half term and have produced some brilliant pieces of writing. This week we are writing a book review using comparative conjunctions. We will be using drama to act out our favourite scenes from the book, before comparing and contrasting the book with a film.  



Yr 3 and Yr 5: We will be learning about one of the most famous Egyptians, Tutankhamun. Who was he and why was he so important? What answers does evidence give us about the past? 

Yr 4: We will be learning about Dragon Bones this week, otherwise known as oracle bones. When were they discovered, what purpose did they have and what was their significance? 



Yr 3 - We will be exploring different soils. We will plan an investigation to see which soil absorbs the most water. We will make our predictions and plan how we will carry out our investigation.

Yr 4 - This week we are exploring volume and pitch. 

Yr 5 - We will be using the electricity equipment this week to test the electrical conductivity of certain objects.



We will be revising Internet Safety this week and discussing how we can make changes to stay safe online. We will be discussing the importance of staying safe and how we manage influence from our peers. 



This week we will be reflecting back on our big question, 'What are significant times for Jews?' 



Our final afternoon to complete our art work. Once we have finished we will then share our work with each other and evaluate this terms work.