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Autumn Term 2023

Welcome to the Autumn term in year 1 and 2. We all hope you have all had a fantastic summer holiday and made many good memories. We are all looking forward to welcoming you all back to school. We will begin by getting to know each other and creating class rules together to help everyone's learning.


This term we will be World detectives where in the first half term we will be exploring Africa and the second we will be exploring the North and South Poles. Our geography will be about exploring climate, including climate change and its impact, location of places and continents, comparing these countries to the UK including the weather. Our history will focus on significant individuals who have made an impact through what they achieved related to our topic of explorations. We will also be learning about exploration and how that has developed over time. We will be using high quality texts to support our topic work and our literacy work. Our science will be about animals including humans and moving onto materials. Year 1 will be exploring seasonal changes throughout the whole year. Our computing lessons will always include some online safety sessions each half term and will develop their ability to present ideas and in the second half data handling. In art we will be developing our drawing skills and in design and technology we will be creating a lunchbox for an explorer, making some soup and sewing a Christmas item. We have a term full of learning planned, including a trip to Marwell Zoo, a Christmas play and much more! See the Long term Plan for an overview of all the areas of learning.


Maths and phonics lessons will be taught at cohorts and will build on the children's learning last year. In maths, we will begin with place value and move onto addition and subtraction to start. Year 2 will develop their phonics to assist their reading, support their spellings and further develop new spelling patterns. Year 1 will continue to use the Supersonic Phonic Friend scheme and once revised 2, 3 and 4 will move onto 5. 


PE will be Monday and Tuesday.

Water bottles, book bags are needed daily.

Wellies can stay in school and please send a coat, sun hat when appropriate. 

Only year 2 can bring suitably sized pencil case.

Please hear your child read at least 5 times a week and enjoy lots of other enjoyable books for pleasure.


If you have any questions or need to speak to a teacher, we are available on the door in the morning or at pick up or please send an email.


Let's have an amazing term!!