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W/C 11th Dec

One more week to go!! 

We have a busy week ahead of us...

Monday: We will be going to the Church for the Christmas service and watch the Reception children tell the Nativity story.

Wednesday: Chartwells Christmas Lunch. 

Thursday: Christmas packed lunches (can include chocolate!) with our Christmas party in the afternoon. Party clothes can be worn all day but please ensure these are comfortable and practical clothes. We will also be making Christingles in the afternoon to come home. 

Friday: Last day of term - Christmas Jumper day with card giving and a visit from Father Christmas in the afternoon. 



Yr 4 - We have now finished all our units for this term. This week we will be applying all we've learnt through reasoning problems.

Yr 5 - We have a few more lessons to go until we finish our Fractions unit. We will be continuing to subtraction mixed numbers and then use the rest of the week to consolidate what we have learnt.


Literacy in Ash Class

This week we are going to be studying a variety of poems and learn how to perform poetry in various ways to capture our audience.


Literacy in Maple Class 

We are writing our own Kenning poems this week using the beautifully illustrated text called, 'Lost Words'. 



Yr 3 - We have finished our unit so its time for a fun quiz to assess what we have learnt.

Yr 4 - This week we will be learning about the water cycle and thinking about evaporation, condensation and the different types of precipitation.

Yr 5 - We will be learning about different theories about our solar system. We will be looking back over time and learning about Galileo, Ptolemy, Aristotle and Copernicus and the difference betweem helicentric and geocentric.



In all year groups, the children will be given a quiz to assess their knowledge and understanding of their geography learning from this half term. 


We will still be having PE as normal this week, Tuesday and Wednesday.