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W/B 15th January

Literacy - This week we will be using the text 'Lost in the Museum'. Year 1 will be focusing on singular and plural nouns and Year 2 will be focusing on nouns, verbs and adjectives. We will be identifying these words in a sorting activity, predicting what the book might be above and using images from the story to describe, building sentences using words collected from the book and also answering comprehension questions.


Maths - Year 2 will be continuing to work on multiplying and dividing. We will be making equal groups, learning the 2 x table, dividing by 2, doubling and halving (understanding the relationship between the two) and exploring odd and even numbers.


Year 1 - we are learning to add ones using number bonds, find and make number bonds to 20, doubles, near doubles and subtract ones using number bonds


Phonics - Year 2 will be exploring alternative graphemes for /ai/ and writing these in sentences, some dictated ones. Also alternative graphemes for the /c/. We will be practising some of the common exception words. Please keep learning these at home as well.


Year 1- we are learning to read and write the sounds ph, au and gn. 


Science - Year 1 will be exploring the sense of smell. Year 2 will be planning and carrying out a light and dark experiment with plants. We will be observing plants around us.


History - We will be observing toys from the past which have been brought in and borrowed from the Novium Museum, some of which are Victorian toys. We will be comparing the toys from the past to now, considering what they were made from, how they worked and sketching some of them. Year 2 will compare Queen Victoria to Queen Elizabeth II.


DT-  We will begin to design our Jack in the box, considering how best to make them and what materials we need.#


Computing - Year 1 will be developing their mouse control on 2Create and drawing a picture of a toy. Year 2 will be developing their coding skills on Purple Mash.


RE -We will be exploring 'What is a Tzedakuh?' and who is it for?


RSE- We will be considering what we are good at and what are our achievements.