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W/C 29th Jan


Yr 4 - We will be finding the perimeter of rectilinear shapes, regular polygons and polygons. 

Yr 5 - One more week of fractions! We will continue to calculate fractions of an amount, find a whole and using fractions as operators. We will then spend the end of the week going over anything we've struggled with.


Literacy in Ash

This week we learn about Ahmet's story. We will be looking at formal and informal language and begin to plan a formal letter.


Literacy in Maple Class

We are learning to write tetractys poems. We will start the week by writing alliterative sentences to describe what the lighthouse keeper could see through his binoculars. Then, after a shorter grammar lesson focussing on the past tense of verbs, we will plan and publish our poems. This will be added to our Hello Lighthouse display in the corridor. 



Yr 3 - We are learning about soils now. We will be looking at different soils and the importance of soil. 

Yr 4 - This week we will be exploring pitch and volume.

Yr 5 - We are moving to a new unit: Properties of Materials. We will be testing materials focusing on if they are magnetic, their transparency or hardness.



Yr 3  and Yr 5 - The children will be learning about the mummification process this week by using mod - roc and old dolls. 

Yr 4 - We found out about the Shang Dynasty people last week, and this week, we will be learning about their gods and kings. 



Our final lesson on our individual art. We need to think about our tessellation and the colours that we are using. We will use paint to create a range of tones.



Yr 4 - We will be using all our new skills to code our own quiz.

Yr 5 - We stilll need to add the final touches to our podcasts before sharing them with each other.



Last week we shared our Jewish festivals, this week we will be answering these questions:

  • What do these events have in common and what makes them so significant?
  • How important is it that Jews come together as a community for these events?
  • What is the most important aspect of each of the events?
  • Are Jews changed by celebrating these events? How?