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w/b 20th May

One more week until half term break! 

This week we will be having a 'Numeracy Day' on Thursday. This is a national initiative to focus on maths. We will be exploring problem solving throughout the morning through a variety of activities. 


Literacy in Ash Class

We will be writing our diaries this week. 


Literacy in Maple Class

We will be finishing off our book this week focussing on chapter 4 and 5. 



Y3 / Y4 : We will be finishing off our time unit this week. Please still be practising telling the time at home, as this is so important to help support the children when solving problems involving 



Y3: We will be learning about Mayan food this week. 

Y4: We will be learning about Roman Villa life. 

Y5: We will be learning about a lost kingdom in Benin. 




Yr 3 - We will be planning our plant growth investigation.

Yr 4 - We will be learning about the different layers within our teeth. 

Yr 5 - We will be looking at our planet. We will be researching environmental issues we are facing throughout the world.



We will be finishing our sculptures this week and having a gallery in our class to look at each other's work.