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W/B 29th January

Literacy - This week we will be using the text 'The Enormous Crocodile' and focusing on expanded noun phrases. We will be looking at the cover and discussing whether the book is fiction or non fiction. We will be asking questions to the crocodile, identifying expanded noun phrases from the text, writing about each trick and writing a wanted poster for the crocodile.


Maths - Year 2 will be consolidating x2, 5 and 10,   dividing 2, 5 and 10, solving problems using these then moving onto length and height and measuring in cm and m.


Year 1 will be looking at related number facts, part whole models and the number sentences that match. We will also be solving missing number problems. 



Phonics - Year 2 will be exploring alternative pronunciations for i, o, g and u and practising common exception words.


Year 1 will be learning alternative spellings for /or/ /ee/ and /ee/


Science - Year 2 will be exploring the polar and desert habitats. Year 1 will be developing their understanding for caring for the planet.


History - We will be exploring how toys have changed over time and looking at them in terms of 'chronology'.


DT - We will be constructing our springs and completing our Jack in the boxes.


Computing - Year 1 will be create a animated story book and Year 2 will be developing their skill in coding. 


RE - We will be exploring how Jewish people welcome baby girls into the synagogue?


RSE - We will be considering how we are all unique and what are similar and different about us.