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W/C 16th October

I'm sure you are aware, the children have now been told that our performance this year is going to be Treasure Island.  All children have been given a song sheet and a preview of the song can be found on the website.


Some children have been given a speaking part, please support your child to help them learn their lines and to know when they need to speak in the play. e.g. who speaks before them, which scenes they are in, delivery of their lines (how it is spoken) etc.


More details about performance times and ticketing will follow after half term.



Yr 4 - We have one more week of the addition and subtraction unit. This week we will be using their skills to check strategies, use the inverse operations and estimate answers.

Yr 5 - This week we will be learning about prime numbers, square numbers and cube numbers.


Literacy in Ash Class

This week we will be doing some independent writing. We will have a free choice to write anything we like. The subject matter will be our choice as well as the genre of writing. 


Literacy in Maple Class

We have been considering what makes a good hero when reading our story of Arthur and the Golden Rope. This week, we will be writing letters to the author to persuade him to use us as the hero of his next book. 



Yr 3 - We have now finished the unit on Skeletons and have a mini unit on Movement. We will be learning about our joints and how we move.

Yr 4 -  We are starting a new unit all about States of Matter. To begin with we will be exploring solids, liquids and gases.

Yr 5 -  We will be planning an experiment on water resistance.



Yr 3 - This is our last week learning about the Stone Age, and we will be comparing life in the Stone Age to now. 

Yr 4 - We have really enjoyed learning about the Ancient Greeks. This week we will be finding out Greek gods and goddesses, and what the Greeks believe. 

Yr 5 - Now we have come to the end of our learning on Prehistoric Britain, we will be learning about the Roman invasion of Britain. 



We have come to the end of our unit and will be evaluating what we have learnt. We see if we can answer our big question: How do Christians show their belief that Jesus is God incarnate?



Yr 5 - Final lesson using the Microbits. The children will have free choice to write a code and share it with their friends.

Yr 4 - We will continue our focus on internet safety.