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w/b 9th October 2023

Literacy in Maple

We have really enjoyed reading Arthur and the Golden Rope these last few weeks and the children have completed some excellent diaries written in the first person. This week, we will be reflecting back on our text, using our reading comprehension skills to write our predictions for what adventures Arthur may go on next. 


Literacy in Ash

Having spent last week drafting our fact files on Mount Everest, this week we will be copying them up neatly. I'm looking forward to seeing the final piece of writing. 



Yr 3 - The formal written method of column addition is introduced this week. The children will be using place value charts and place value counters to understand how to use this method. They will be exchanging ones into tens, and tens into hundreds as they progress through the week. 

Yr 4 - We are moving onto subtraction this week with 4-digit numbers, beginning with no exchanges using the column method, and then progressing into using one exchange and then more than one exchange. We will finish the week by checking the strategies that we use to compare which strategy is more efficient. 



We are at the evaluating stage of our unit. We will be asking, 'What can we learn from the creation story in Genesis?'



Bringing together all the skills we have learned in this desktop publishing unit, we will be creating our own projects this week, inserting and editing images. 



The children have finished their 'zig-zag' comic strip books now an so this week, we will be sharing our books and reflecting on each other's work. 



Yr 3 - We are learning about Skara Brae this week. Where is it? Why is it so important? What can we learn about the Stone Age from this archaeological site? 

Yr 4 - This week is all about the Olympics, past and present. When did the Olympics begin? Any why? Which sporting events were held? What prizes were given?

Yr 5 - As we draw closer to the end of this unit, we will be comparing the Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age this week. 



Yr 3 - Our final lesson on our Skeletons unit, we will be answering the question, 'are all skeletons the same?'

Yr 4 - The other week we learnt how to use classification keys to group animals. This week we will be using classification keys to group plants. 

Yr 5 - After conducting our parachute experiment, this week we will be evaluating our experiment on air resistance.



Yr 3 - We are revising adding suffixes this week, -es, -s, -ing, -er, -ed

Yr 4 - It's homophones this week, which are words that sound the same but have different meanings. e.g. peace, piece.