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Supersonic Phonic Friends Workshop Wednesday 3:00

Baby Photos Please

This week we will be starting Supersonic Phonic Friends. The sounds we will be learning are s,a,t,p,i. The children will be learning through a fun interactive scheme which we hope they enjoy. We will also be having a Phonic Workshop for parents on Wednesday at 3:00 to discuss how we teach the children to read and write.


In maths, we will be matching objects, matching pictures and objects, making sets and sorting objects by type. 


We will also begin Drawing Club, this is a fun way to encourage the children to write and mark make. We will be focusing on the story 'The Colour Monster' and we will be mark making which will make funny things happen to the characters in the story.


We also ask if you can bring in a Baby Photo of your child. We will look at our photos and discuss what is the same and different and how have we changed?