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16th October

Literacy- This week we will be reading the book 'Mama Panya's Pancakes'. We will be continuing to look at statements and questions but also commands. We will be writing speech bubbles for the characters using these different sentence types, writing facts about Kenyan markets, comparing English African markets using statements and writing commands to make instructions for Panya's pancakes.


Phonics - Year 2 - We will be looking at alternative spelling patterns for ay, ou and ie and writing these in dictated sentences. Learning how to proof read.


Year 1 - we are learning oe, ue sounds and the tricky words their people Mr and Mrs.


Maths- Year 2 - We will be adding and subtracting 10's, adding 2 digit numbers not crossing ten, subtracting 2 2 digit numbers across 10 and solving mixed addition and subtraction calculations. 


Year 1 - find a part, subtraction- find a part, fact families, subtraction take away/cross out and subtraction on a numberline. 


Geography - We will comparing the UK to Africa, finding out about the marvellous Maasai and comparing a day of a child in Africa to a day of a child in UK. 


Science - Year 1 They will be sorting materials into different groups. Year 2 will be finding out about healthy living and performing an experiment about cleaning 'germs' off hands. 


Art - This week we will be continuing our natural drawings and be reflecting and sharing our work.


Computing - Year 1 will be adding text to our pictures we have drawn on the computers. Year 2 will be editing and sharing our work we have presented on African animals. 


R.E  We will evalulate what we have learnt in our unit who made the world.


RSHE How we can  prevent germs being passed on.