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2nd October

Literacy - This week we will be using the books 'Little Red and the Very Hungry Lion'. We will be doing some drama activities once we have introduced the book and learnt some new vocabulary. We will be predicted what happens next (I stop reading halfway through), we will retell the story using a picture story map then write sentences to retell it and we will be writing speech bubbles for the characters.


Maths - Year 2 -They will be consolidating bonds to 100, adding and subtracting 1's, adding by making 10 eg 7+5 = 10 +2 = 12, we will be adding 3 one digit numbers and adding to the next 10.


Year 1 - will be finding fact families addition facts, number bonds within 10, systematic number bonds to 10, number bonds to 10 and addition add together. 


Phonics - Year 2 will be revising the /ur/ /ow/ /oi/ and /ear/ phonemes and linking other grahemes we know make the same phoneme eg /ur/ /er/ /ir/


Year 1 we will be assessing the children on Basics 4 and beginning Basics 5. 


Geography - We will be finding out about the national park and the wonderful wildlife there, We will be looking at the physical and human geography and looking at a compass. 


Science - Year 1 will be testing different materials to find the answer to a question. Year 2 will be finding out about what the basic needs of different animals are.


Art- We will be creating artwork using the wax resist technique.


Computing - Year 1 will be developing their skills on 2paint and year 2 developing their presenting skills.


RSE- We will be learning about road safety.


RE- We will be going to Church for our Harvest Festival service.