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Welcome to Maple Class!

Maple Class are our Year 3 and half of our Year 4 children. The other half of Year4 being registered in Ash Class. 


Year 3 is a consolidation year; a chance for the children to master the skills taught in Key Stage 1. As the children enter into Key Stage 2, the expectations for their behaviour, level of independence and learning increase. Although the school day is not any longer, there will be less opportunity for the children to play, and a greater emphasis will be given to active learning throughout every lesson. The children will begin their prehistoric journey back in time, starting with the Stone Age in the autumn term, followed by the Ancient Egyptians in the spring term, and finishing with the Mayans in the summer term. They will be encouraged to ask questions and engage in an enquiry - based learning journey. There will be many opportunities for hands-on learning experiences with out of school trips to support their learning, as well as their first taste of a residential trip to Goodwood Estate at the end of the Spring term. 


Year 4 will be taught maths as a cohort, receiving the same input of teaching before carrying out their learning tasks in either Maple or Ash classroom with appropriate support as needed. The work will be targeted to suit their individual needs, and adaptions will be in place for each child as necessary. Year 4 will be taught literacy in either Maple or Ash class depending on their individual needs. These groupings are flexible, and with much discussion and collaboration between all members of staff, the children will be best placed. The foundation subjects will be taught either in cohorts on a rotation basis (Science, PE and History / Geography) or as registration groups (Art/DT, music, computing, French, RSHE and RE) We hope that these opportunities to work alongside their year group peers, as well as alongside those in year 3 and year 5, will greatly benefit the year 4s. 


Communication is key so please check messages on the class dojo - this will be a platform used by teachers to communicate important class based messages. The school office will continue to use email, letters and text messaging to communicate school related matters.


Your support at home will be much appreciated as you continue to listen to your child read, and help to learn new spelling patterns as well as revise previously taught spellings.  Do engage in conversation with your child daily, asking them about their day. Visit the local library or museums to encourage their love of learning. 


We look forward to working with you and your children this year. 


Maple Class Team 

The adults in Maple Class

If you would like to contact our teachers directly you can do so by email. The addresses are set out below. 

Mrs C Westbrook -

Mrs E Phillips -

Weekly timetable

Maple Class Expectations