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W/B 25th March

Literacy - This week we will be looking at recipes and order instructions to make an Easter treat. We will then be making these and writing how to make them in full sentences using conjunctions. We will also be using an Easter story to create a map of the events and then retell it.


Phonics - Year 2 will be focusing on their common exception words and checking their phonic knowledge.


Year 1 will be revising all of the phase 3,4 and 5 sounds through various phonics games and activities.


Maths - Year 2 will be measuring in litres, solving questions involving the 4 operations with volume and capacity and reading temperatures.


Year 1 will be measuring mass using non standard units such as bricks, they will be comparing the mass of two objects. we will then begin to learn about measuring capacity.


Geography - We will be exploring where our food comes from and looking at how technology has changed over time to make this easier.


We will be having our Easter service, Easter egg hunt, making an Easter treat and making an Easter card as well. 


Celebration of learning will be at 2.45 on Monday.