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30th October



We will begin to learn our Christmas play so listen out for songs starting to be sung at home and lines coming home to be learnt please.


Literacy - This week we will start to use the text 'The Rainbow Bear'. We will begin by painting the rainbow bear and a rainbow and writing our wishes as statements. They will be looking at a picture of the children in cages and writing questions about why he is in a cage etc. They will be writing thought and feeling bubbles for the bear throughout the text and learning new vocabulary from the text. They will also be answering questions about the text.


Maths - Year 2 will be practising their adding and subtracting of 2 digit numbers using base 10 (sticks and bricks) to help if needed, solving word problems and reasoning questions.. They will be comparing numbers set in calculations and finding missing numbers.


Year 1 - will be learning to add and subtract 1 or 2, recognise and name 3D shapes and sorting 3D shapes, 


Phonics - Year 2 will be learning the spelling pattern for the week, revising alternatives /ea/ /ir/ and also practising common exception words.


Year 1 - we are learning to read and write words with the a-e, e-e and i-e split digraphs.


Science - Year 1 will be observing different animals as they begin a unit about animals including humans. Year 2 will be starting a unit on materials where they will begin by identifying uses of different materials.


Computing - We will be discussing internet safety and how we need to talk to others on the computers and who we can talk to (5 trusted adults) if we need to. 


RSHE- We are learning the names of our body parts and we are learning which parts are private. You will receive a letter to explain more about this but if you have any concerns please come and speak to one of us.


RE- We are learning about the Divali story Rama and Sita.