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W/B 19th February

Monday is INSET day


Literacy - This week we will be comparing some of the Julia Donaldson books an in particular using the Gruffalo. We will begin by seeing if we can spot the adjectives in the Gruffalo and year 2 seeing if they are in expanded noun phrases. We will look at the rhyme and any connecting themes. We will be looking at conjunctions and, because and but to begin. We will be using and and because to extend sentences about his appearance. We will also be creating other animals he might like to eat and give reasons why it won't work. 


Phonics - Year 2 will be looking at alternative pronounciations for ie and alternative graphemes for f. We will practise some common exception words in some games and learn the spelling pattern for the week.


Year 1 will be looking at all the alternative spellings for the /oo/ sound. These include /oo/ /ue/ /u_e/ and /ew/. They will also be looking at alternative spellings for the /air/ sound. which include /air/ /are/ and /ear/.


Maths - Year 2 will be starting a unit on fractions. They will be recognising when parts are equal and unequal, recognising half and finding one half and recognising and finding one quarter. At home, you could include this language when cutting up food. Remember there's no such thing as a bigger half!


Year 1 are beginning a new maths topic on place value within 50. This week we will be counting numbers from 20 to 50, makig groups of 10s and then 10s and 1s.


Science- Year 1 will be exploring plants in winter. Year 2 will be exploring microhabitats. 


Art - We will be responding to work by the artists Zacarias and French.


Geography - We will be exploring what our local area is like and create a simple map.


Computing - Year 1 will begin to create an animated storybook, building on the skills we have learnt already in year 1. Year 2 will continue to learn new skills within coding and in groups take photos of our school for a project later in the term.


RE - We will being a unit exploring the big question 'Why do you think Easter is important to Christians?' We will discuss what Easter means to us and images associated with Easter eg new life. We will doing some drama to explore the story.