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w/b 4th March

This week is World Book Day on Thursday. Please remember to dress up as your favourite character from a book, and remember to bring this book with you to share in class. Alternatively, you can choose to wear comfy clothes to enjoy reading for pleasure on this day. Don't forget our Reading Bingo Challenge that was set at the beginning of the half term. Will anyone be able to complete a row of 5? Or even complete the whole sheet? 


Literacy in Maple Class

We will be writing a character description of the golden fish this week using our expanded noun phrases from last week. Then we will be writing a diary entry from the perspective of the golden fish. We will be focussing on the use of time conjunctions and adverbials to add better description. 


Literacy in Ash

This week we will be writing our newspaper reports. We will be focusing on the features of a newspaper, paragraphs and using inverted commas correctly.



Y3: Measuring in grams and kilograms this week. We will also be completing our Spring maths assessments throughout the week. 

Y4: Subtracting mixed fractions and looking at tenths as fractions this week. We will also be completing our Spring maths assessments throughout the week. 



We are exploring Jesus as 'saviour' in Bible stories this week. Looking at lots of examples in small groups, we will be sketching the 'rescue' part of each story, practising re-telling the story before acting out to the rest of the class. 



Yr 3 - We are moving onto a new unit in Science - Light. We will begin with looking at difference sources of light.

Yr 4 - We all enjoyed learning how to use the electrical equipment to make series circuits. This week we will be identifying whats gone wrong and how we can solve problems in circuits.



Y3: EXTREME EARTH - We will be learning about the layers of the earth to begin this new unit. 

Y4: SOMEWHERE TO SETTLE - We will be asking, What did early settlers need?

Y5: EASTERN EUROPE - We will be finding out about the continents, countries and cities that make up Eastern Europe. 



We will be designing a template for our reading bookmarks thinking about shape, fabric and ways of joining.