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Welcome to Ash Class!


The Teachers in Ash Class are:- 

Miss Porter (Tuesday -Friday) and Mrs Phillips (Monday)

Mrs Watts - Learning Support Assisstant

General Information for the Year 2021/22

Important events throughout the week are as follows:


1. Monday - Reading diaries will be checked

2. Tuesday and Thursday - PE - children will need to come dressed in their school PE kits


Next- learning opportunities for learning at home:


We have once again partnered with Times Table Rock Stars and can offer their excellent, engaging scheme to all the children in the class. Once I have their logins, I will stick them to their reading diaries. They may not have changed from last year however!

The Purple Mash subscription will also continue this year. Some passwords seem to have changed from last year. If necessary, I will stick their new passwords to the back of the reading diary.


Reading and Reading Diaries:

It is important that your child continues to read at home to an adult. As your child becomes a more confident reader it is easy to think that they can sit and read independently. Whilst this is lovely for them to do it is still important for their fluency and comprehension that they still read aloud to an adult or older sibling. Questioning what they have read, the meanings of words, what might happen next etc are a good way to develop your childs understanding of what they have read.

Our requirement is that your child reads at least 5 times a week and logs this in their reading diary.



Spelling Practice:


Your child will be given a targeted set of words to learn at home for the year. A text will be sent home alerting you when the lists are in their book bags. These lists will be based on the Statutory 'Common Exception Words' for each year group. I ask that you gradually practice these words at home, selecting a few at a time (5 or so) until your child is confident with them. Education research shows that spaced, but frequent recalling of information helps to embed it into long term memory. As such I would recommend that you engage your child in regular informal exercises that require them to spell the words from memory, either verbally or in written form. This can be accompanied by practice exercises that help to ingrain muscle memory. Please see the link below for a selection of excellent ideas. I would also highly recommend the 'Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check' model of learning words, as this has again been evidenced as a fruitful method of learning spelling words. Examples can easily be found online.