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W/B 8th January

PE - Monday and Tuesday


Literacy- We will be using the text 'Traction Man'. We will be looking at the vocabulary in the book, writing questions to adults at home asking about their toys they used to play with. We will be doing some drama about the book and sequencing the events. We will be identifying different sentence types within the text and creating our own adventures using our very own traction men!!


Maths- Year 2 We will be adding equal groups, introducing the multiplication symbol, solving multiplication sentences, using arrays and making equal groups through grouping. 


Year 1 - We are learning to compare numbers to 20, order numbers to 20, add by counting on within 20 and add ones by using number bonds.


Phonics -Year 2 will be exploring the alternative pronunciations of ow ie ea er and practising our common exception words.


Year 1- We are learning the sounds are, kn, and wr. 


Science - Year 1 will be explroing the sense of touch. Year 2 will be exploring what plants need to grow? 


DT -We will be exploring the mechanisms in a Jack in the Box and how they work. We will be exploring the the material to make the box from.


Computing -Year 1 will be starting a unit on making a storyboard animation. Year 2 will be revising their work in year 1 on coding ready to develop it further this year.


History - We will be exploring present day toys and family favourites. 


Outdoor learning - Will be Wednesday afternoon still. The children can bring a change of trousers for the afternoon.


RE - We will be enquiring who should we give to and what can we give instead of money?


RSE - We will be considerating how to keep our information private to maintain our privacy.