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27th November

Our play is coming along and we are excited to be doing it. The children have done well learning their lines and songs. We are now putting it all together. 


Literacy- This week we will be using the text 'Egg to Penguin'. We will be making collecting notes on a mind map about Penguins diet, appearance, habitat etc. They will writing sections of writing about each point in full sentences. They will continue to develop their understanding of nouns, verbs and adjectives. They will also be writing an explanation of the life cycle of a penguin.


Maths- Year 2 - We will be consolidating our work on adding and subtracting. We will be solving mixed calculations, solving wor problems, comparing number sentences, investigating different ways of making numbers and solving missing number problems. 


Year 1 - we are working on subtraction and subtraction word problems.


Phonics - Year 2 will be practising their common exception words in different ways and writing them in full sentences. We will be learning a new spelling pattern.


Year 1- we are learning to read and write the oy, ir, ou sounds.


Science- Year 1 will be exploring their senses. Year 2 will be investigating how the process of recycling happens and how important it is.


History - We will be discussing some different explorers of the Polar regions in discussions.


R.E- We are learning about advent.


RSHE - We will be discussing how are our emotional needs are linked to physical needs?