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w/b 5th February 2024

With one more week until half term, we have a lot of fun things to keep us busy until the end...


Literacy in Maple Class

We have really enjoyed reading our book this half term and have produced some brilliant pieces of writing. This week we are writing a book review using comparative conjunctions. We will be using drama to act out our favourite scenes from the book, before comparing and contrasting the book with a film. 


Literacy in Ash

We have been looking at formal and informal language, this week we will be looking at the feature of a letter and the language that can be used.



Yr 3: The children will continue to measure perimeter and calculate perimeter before moving onto a new unit all about fractions. We will continue this unit after half term. 

Yr 4: Year 4s are starting their fraction unit this week. They will be starting by understanding the whole and counting beyond 1. 



We are coming towards the end of our RE unit this week. We will be exploring how keeping the covenant with God is the basis of Jewish living. By looking at the festival of Shavuot, we will be another step closer to being able to answer our big question. 



Yr 3 and Yr 5: We will be learning about one of the most famous Egyptians, Tutankhamun. Who was he and why was he so important? What answers does evidence give us about the past? 

Yr 4: We will be learning about Dragon Bones this week, otherwise known as oracle bones. When were they discovered, what purpose did they have and what was their significance? 



Yr 3 - We will be exploring different soils. We will plan an investigation to see which soil absorbs the most water. We will make our predictions and plan how we will carry out our investigation.

Yr 4 - This week we are exploring volume and pitch. 

Yr 5 - We will be using the electricity equipment this week to test the electrical conductivity of certain objects.



All year groups: This week we celebrate Safer Internet Day by asking, 'How can I make a difference online?' With this year's theme being, 'Inspiring Change,' we want to the children to think about how they can make a positive difference with their online presence. We will be exploring what we use the internet for and what we must be looking out for in order for us to stay safe online and encourage others to be safe too. 



This is our last week on this unit and the children have worked so hard on their final pieces. We will be evaluating what we like about our own pieces of art as well as each others. We often have a 'gallery' between Ash and Maple class where the children can freely flow between the two classes to admire the work of other children, and we thought this would be a lovely idea to share with parents too. More details to follow, but we hope to be able to invite you all in before the Easter break to take a look at all of our hard work this term so far. 


Tuesday after school there is a Goodwood meeting for all Year 3 parents in Maple Classroom. This will be no longer than 20 minutes with a short presentation about what the children can expect, as well as time for Q and A.