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18th September

Literacy - This week our text is 'Meerkat Mail'. We will be orally constructing our sentences, using capital letters and full stops and year 2 will be using exclamation marks and question marks. We will be writing questions to find out who Sunny is? We will be writing postcards to tell Sunny about us and where we will, including what there is to see and do. We will also be creating a Missing poster to find Sunny.


Phonics - Year 2- We will be practising the alphabet and common exception words, spelling words with ng, ai, ee, igh.


Year 1 - we are recapping Basics 4 CCVC such as frog, plus, grip, spin, clown and steep.


Maths - Year 2 - We will be estimating numbers on a number line, comparing objects and numbers, ordering objects and counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 


Year 1 - will be learning fewer, more, same, less than, greater than, equal to, compare numbers, order objects and numbers and the number line.


Geography - We will be exploring where is Africa and where is Kenya? We will be looking at aerial maps and using world maps. 


Science - Year 1 - We will be naming materials e.g. metal, wood, plastic, fabric.

Year 2 - We will be different life cycles including frog, duck and human


Art - We will be exploring patterns with nature. We will be collecting natural materials in order to create a natural composition and take photos of from different angles.


Computing - Year 1 will be logging onto Purple Mash to explore some of the different games they could do at home. Year 2 will be opening the document they saved last week and typing sentences to go with their picture.


RSE- We will be describing ways to behave that show friends that we care about them. We will be making a friendship soup.


RE- We will be learning about Sukkot.