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w/b 20th November

This week is our Dress Rehearsal to the whole school on Thursday afternoon, so we will be spending some time on Tuesday and Wednesday rehearsing. Please can all children remember to bring in their costumes if they haven't done so already. All children must practise their songs words this week too. 


Literacy in Maple Class 

We will be drafting and publishing our fact files this week all about Ethiopia. The children have enjoyed reading all about Tom's journey across Africa so far, and now we will be putting all our research together into a piece of information writing. Remembering to use impersonal language, I will be looking for the use of expanded noun phrases when describing key places in Ethiopia, as well as the use of prepositional language. 


Literacy in Ash Class

We are going to continue using the book, Survivors, and begin a new story called, ' The men who shared a sandwich on the seabed'. 

We will begin the week reading some of the story and look at the language used. We will explore what it is like in the Twillight Zone and work towards creating a poem the conveys the mysteriousness of the ocean.



Y3: Hills and Mountains - we will be finding areas of hills and mountains in the UK using maps and atlases. Using photos, we will begin discussions about life in the mountains, and what people do and do not do in the mountains. 

Y4: Tropics - we will be learning the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn this week. We will be comparing 3 types of climates found in between these two lines. Which countries can we name that are found here? 

Y5: How mountains are made - we will be finding out about 5 different types of mountains this week including 'dome' and 'volcanic'. 



Yr 3 - This week we will be continuing our learning on nutrition and diet and we will be looking at what a 'healthy diet' consists of, thinking about what we eat and planning a healthy lunch.

Yr 4 - We enjoyed using some equipment last lesson, this week we will be planning an investigation about melting ice.

Yr 5 - Our new unit of work is SPACE. To begin with we will be looking at our solar system. 



Y3: We will be starting the week with sharing and grouping, remembering which strategies we already know to help us with multiplication and division. Then the rest of the week will be focussing on multiplying by 3, dividing by 3 and then seeing if we can master the 3 times tables. Keep practising the facts with your child at home, use TT Rockstars and any other strategies your child responds well to, to help them memorise number facts. 

Y4: We are looking at the 3, 6 and 9 times tables at the beginning of the week, and ending the week learning our 7 times tables. Use TT Rockstars and the Speed Test online to help keep your child's recall of these facts sharp. 



Y3: Coding - this week the children will be testing, running and debugging a program. We will learn new vocabulary and consider what 'nesting' means. 

Y4: Writing for different audiences - the children will be using a simulated scenario to create a campaign poster. 



We are exploring the gospels this week. Looking at the accounts of Jesus' life and some of the stories about Him, we will be asking, 'Was everyone happy about the good news of Jesus? Why are these stories included in the gospels? Do they help us to understand who Jesus was?'