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W/C 29th April


Yr 4 - We will be finished out unit on decimals this week. We will be rounding to the nearest number and learning about quarters and halves as decimals. We will then move to our next unit on Money. Our knowledge of decimals will help us with this unit. We will be writing money using decimals, converting between pounds and pence and comparing amounts of money. 

Yr 5 - This week we will be finishing learning about angles by calculating angles around a point, calculating angles on a straight line and exploring lengths and angles in shapes. Then moving onto learning about regular and irregular shapes and 3D shapes. 


Literacy in Ash 

We will be starting to read our text this week. We have a picture book called, 'The Tin Forest' by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson.


Literacy in Maple Class

We are digging deeper into chapter 2 of our text this week, exploring the key themes. We will be describing the setting of chapter two, Hogarth's home, before considering how the Iron Man is feeling.  



Y3: Mayan Number System - How does the Mayan number system compare to ours? 

Y4: Why did the Romans build new roads and towns?

Y5: Benin Art - What can we learn about the Kingdom of Benin from their art work?



Yr 3 - If we have a sunny day then we can carry out our shadow investigation. If not, we will move onto our Plant unit and learn about the parts of a plant and their functions.

Yr 4 - To round up our unit on Habitats we will be looking at human impact on different habitats.

Yr 5 - We will be learning about gestational periods and lifespans.



This week we will be planning our set design in our art books. We will be sketching out some designs, thinking about what the background, sides and floor will be like, what props we will need and what materials we will need to make them.



Our key questions this week are:

  • What do Muslims believe about Allah?
  • How do Muslims use circles to show their belief in one God?
  • How does a central belief in one God ripple out into the Muslim religion?



Yr 4 - This week we will be learning about 'onion skinning' within animation and how to add different backgrounds and sounds.

Yr 5 - We will be resizing an object in all three dimensions, lifting and lowering a 3D object and editing the colour and pattern.