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w/b 8th January 2024

Literacy in Maple Class

This week we will be writing an informal letter from the lighthouse keeper to his wife. We will be using the skills we have been looking at to compose a letter including expanded noun phrases, similes and personification, using present and past tense to express our feelings. 

Literacy in Ash Class

This week we will begin with writing our diary entry in the role of Ahmet. We will be using a range of pucntuation and making better vocabulary choices with the help of a theasurus. We will be using subordinate clauses within our writing, remembering to use a comma in the correct place. We will be writing in the 1st person so will need to remember which tense we need to write in. 



Yr 3: This week we are learning how to multiply and divide a 2-digit number by a 1 - digit number with exchanging. 

Yr 4: We are multiplying and dividing by 100 this week, looking at related facts and using informal written methods for multiplication. 



We will be exploring the use of rules and resolutions to create our own patterns using a range of media in our sketch books. 



Yr 3: Our new unit of work is 'Branching Databases'. We will spend the first lesson exploring types of questions which can be used in a branching database, Yes / No questions. 

Yr 4: Using the online programme called, 'Scratch', we will be coding and exploring how to create a quiz. This week, the children are creating backdrops and sprites (animated characters).  



We will be begin our new unit looking at the concept of a promise or a covenant. When do we make promises to each other? How does the rainbow symbolise a promise made by God? What else do Jewish people have to remind them of the covenant they have between them and God?



Yr 3 and Yr 5: We are beginning the Ancient Egyptian unit by looking at where the Egyptians lived, and where the Egyptian civilisation occured along our history timeline. 

Yr 4: We will be finding out when the Shang Dynasty was in time, who ruled the Shang Dynasty and what we already know. Using maps, we will be learning where the Shang Dynasty was in the world. 



Yr 3 - We are starting a new unit in Science - Rocks, fossils and soils. This week we will be identify different rocks, looking at their properties and drawing them.

Yr 4 - Our new unit is Sound. This week we will be learning about vibrations.

Yr 5 -  We are continuing with our Space unit and will be learning about planet earth.