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W/C 19th Feb


Yr 4 - We are continuing with our Fractions unit, this week learning about improper fractions and mixed numbers. We will be converting between the two and also finding equivalent fractions on a number line.

Yr 5 - We have 2 weeks remaining on our Decimal and Percentages unit. This week we will be looking at thousandths as decimals and on a place value chart and ordering and comparing decimals up to 3 decimal places.


Literacy in Maple Class

We are starting our new text this week, 'Ocean Meets Sky' by the Fan Brothers. Our grammar objective for the half term is to use a range of conjunctions to extend sentences with more than one clause. We will be making predictions and inferences this week, and identifying the main ideas and summarising what we have read. 


Literacy in Ash Class

In Literacy we will be continuing to read 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'. Before half term we were looking at formal and informal language. We will be planning and writing a formal letter asking for help to find Ahmet's parents.



Year 3 and and Year 5 will be learning to read hieroglyphs. Using their skills, they will be decoding messages and writing to their friends. 

Year 4 will be looking at artefacts from the Shang Dynasty and asking what we can learn about the past from these. 



Yr 3 - This week we will be carrying out our soil investigation that we planned before half term. We will find out which soil absorbs the most water.

Yr 4 - We are starting a new unit - Electricity. This week we will be looking at electrical applicances.

Yr 5 - We will be planning an investigation to see which material is the best insulator.



Our big question this half term is:

Should believing in the resurrection change how Christians view life and death?

This week we wll be exploring what the word 'resurrection' means. 



This half term we will be working in groups to design and make a healthy flour based snack for parents and children. This week we will be carrying out a sensory evaluation on products already available and begin to plan what they want to make.



Yr 4 - We will be learning about data logging and the importance of being able to collect necessary data.

Yr 5 - Our final lesson on our podcasts, we will be sharing what wwe have done with each other