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w/b 22nd January 2024

Literacy in Maple Class

After being given time to publish their newspaper reports, the children will be planning a diary entry this week. Writing in the first person as either the lighthouse keeper or his wife, the children will be using the past, present and future tense to keep a record of life in the lighthouse. 


Literacy in Ash

This week we will be learning to convey the sense of a character within our writing. We will be chosing a character and writing their viewpoint on an event from the story. 


Maths - Length and Perimeter

Yr 3: The children will be measuring in metres, centimetres and millimetres this week. They will be converting between these three units of measurement, making decisions as to which one will be best for measuring various items around the classroom. 

Yr 4: The children will be measuring in kilometres and metres this week, measuring perimeter of shapes and perimeters on a grid. 



We are building on our knowledge of stories from the Bible which help Jewish people to remember their covenant with God by looking at the story of Exodus and Moses this week. We will look at objects which hold memories for us, and discuss why we have these objects. Then we will look at some objects that Jewish people use to help them remember the festival of Passover, including Matzos flatbread and salty water. 



Yr 3: The children are creating their own database this week using the skills we have been learning this half term so far. They will choose what they want their database to show and create questions to sort the objects into groups. 

Yr 4: Continuing with Scratch, the children will be creating their own quiz by writing the code they need. 



Yr 3 and Yr 5: We will be looking at what life was like for the Ancient Egyptians, and comparing it with what life is like for us now. 

Yr 4: In groups, the children will be researching the people of the Shang Dynasty by sorting information and presenting their findings back to the whole class. 



Yr 3 -  We are moving onto a little unit about fossils. This week we will be exploring different fossils.

Yr 4 - This week we will be learning about the ear and how we hear sounds. 

Yr 5 - Our final lesson in our Space unit is learning about night and day. 



Now we know what tessellating patterns look like and how we can create them, we will be designing and making a tessellating pattern which we will paint using a variety of colours and patterns. Inspired by our artist, Andy Gilmore, we will explore various patterns we like in our sketch books.