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W/B 4th March

Tuesday forest school for year 2 - please wear appropriate clothes and bring PE kits.


Wednesday- Year 2 will be going to Pizza Express.


Thursday is World Book Day - more information to follow in a letter.


Literacy- This week we will continue to work on 'The owl who is afraid of the dark'. We will be writing what happens in each chapter with a summary, describing Plop's actions, writing facts about owls from their own research and answering questions about the text.


Maths - Year 2 will be recognising the equivilance of 1/2 and 2/4, recognising and finding out 3/4 and counting in fractions to one whole.


Year 1 are still working on place value within 50. We will be partitioning numbers. Using number lines, estimating and finding one more and one less of numbers to 50.


Phonics - Year 2 will be practising their common exception words.


Year 1 will be looking at alternative spellings for the /air/ phoneme these include /air/ /ear/ and /are/ 

We will also be looking at alternative spllings for the /er/ phoneme. This includes /ir/ /ur/ and /or/


Science - Year 1 will be  exploring melting and freezing. Year 2 will be exploring food chains.


Geography - We will be exploring the local area. Year 1 will be considering what is in their local area and year 2 sketching a simple map of the area around school.


RE- We will be exploring how Christians sow their beliefs about Jesus' death and resurrection in church and worship.


PE- We will be continuing their learning of a samba dance.