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W/C 18th March

Tuesday - Yr 5 Forest School in the afternoon. Don't forget to bring a change of clothes, waterproofs and wellies. 

Thursday - Our Class Gallery. Come and see what we've been up to from 2.30pm.



Yr 4 - We will be learning about hundredths as a fractions, decimal and looking at them on a place value chart. We will end the week dividing 1 and 2 digit numbers by 100.

Yr 5 - To finish our perimeter and area unit we will be estimating area. We will then start our new unit on Statistics. We will be drawing line graphs and interpreting the information.



We will be finishing our newspaper reports and writing up in neat for our Class Gallery.



Yr 3 - We will be learning about the Sun and how we use it as a light source.

Yr 4 - This week we will be learning about sustainable energy.

Yr 5 - We are starting a new unit, 'Animals inlcuding humans'. To begin with we will be learning about the 6 main stages of the human life cycles. 



Our key question for this week is:

If life is like a journey, what happens at the end?



We will be making our savoury snack for you all to try at our Class Gallery. 


Literacy in Maple Class

We will be using the amazing illustrations of the different settings in our story to write setting descriptions using similes and metaphors. 



Y3: We looked at Volcanoes last time and this week, we will be exploring Earthquakes. We have learned about the layers of the Earth as well as tectonic plates and how they move, resulting in some natural disasters. 

Y4: We have already considered reasons why some places were chosen as settlements in the early prehistoric days. This week, we will be exploring the names of places and what these mean. 

Y5: We have been labelling the countries, cities and continents that make up Eastern Europe. This week, we will be comparing landscapes in Eastern Europe with where we live.