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w/b 15th January 2024

Literacy in Maple Class

We are writing a newspaper report this week about the boat crash that happened in our story, Hello lighthouse. We will be using the 5 W's to write an introduction before organising our writing into paragraphs. 


Literacy in Ash

We will continue to read our book, 'The boy at the back of the class'. We will be exploring the character Ahmet through role play and discussion. We will be learning how to use relative clause within our writing. 



Yr 3 - We are going to looking at rocks and sorting them into groups.

Yr 4 - We will be investigating sounds and how loud each sound can be.



Year 3s will be using branching databases to make groups and sort objects before using software programs on the laptops to create their own database. 

Year 4s will be using Scratch to create a short quiz using commands 'if' and 'then'. 



We will be making tessellated designs for the next 3 weeks so this week, we will exploring what tessellated patterns are and which artists use tessellating patterns. 



We will be looking at promises we make and the stories of Abraham which help us to better understand what Jewish people believe. 



Yr3: Bringing the unit to an end, this week the year 3s will be scaling, and finding many ways to use division and multiplication. 

Yr4: Year 4 will be multiplying ad dividing 2 digit numbers, and multiplying and dividing 3 numbers. 


There is no History this week as a select few children from key stage two will be attending a special musical concert on Tuesday morning. I will be driving these children in the minibus, so Mrs Murphy will have the remaining children to teach them science, and the PE session will be run by the PE guys for the other half of the children. 


If your child is attending the concert, please can they wear school uniform on Tuesday.