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W/B 18th March

Forest School Tuesday for year 2 and outdoor learning Wednesday for Year 1.


Literacy - This week we will be using the test 'Where the Wild things are' and exploring Max's journey. We will be retelling the story in drama and in past tense. We will be focusing on using the correct tense and writing in full sentences which are punctuated correctly. We will be answering questions about the story.


Maths- Year 2 will be measuring in kilograms, answering calculations involving the four calculations with mass, compare volume and capacity, measure in mm and practical work exploring measurements. 


Year 1 will be looking at heavier and lighter, measuring and comparing mass.


Phonics -Year 2 - We will be going over the /s/ and /or/ and alternative spelling patterns. 


Year 1 will be revising the phase 5 "choose to use" sounds and playing blending games in preparation for their phonics screener. 


Science - Year 1 will be exploring seasonal change of spring. Year 2 will be revising their knowledge and understanding of the habitat unit.


Art - We will be exploring gestural mark making using acrylic paint. 


Geography - We will be exploring the UK and the capital cities. We will be considering how we can make a change. 


RE - We will be acting out the Easter story and writing captions about what is happening at each stage.