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29th April

Forest school this Tuesday for year 1.


Literacy - This week we will be using all the pirate books we've read this last couple of weeks to provide us ideas so we can create our own pirate adventure story. We will be creating our characters and describing using adjectives the setting,  planning the story using a story mountain and writing our story over a couple of days remembering to punctuate it correctly, use adjectives and conjunctions. Year 2 will also be developing their understanding of inverted commas when writing speech.


Phonics/ spellings - Year 2 will be revising their phonics and working on their spelling pattern for the week. They will also be learning to spell more contractions.


Year 1 will looking at the different sounds /a/ makes in words e.g apple and angel, wasp, 


Maths - Year 2 we will be continuing to tell the time. We will be practising the quarter hours and 5 minute intervals and then moving onto minutes in the hour when ready. We will be looking at the hours in a day. We will also be practising our arithmetic skills.


Year 1  this week will be recognising equal groups, adding equal groups, making arrays, making doubles and making equal groups - grouping


History - We will be describing the events in Christopher Columbus' life and recognising the significance of his achievements.


Design and technology - We will be preparing our salads in small groups and evaluating lunch boxes.


Computing - Year 1 will be creating pictograms on the computers and year 2 will be looking at photos and discussing are they real or AI?


RE - We will be retelling the events that occur during Pentecost.


RSE - We will be discussing the similarities between boys and girls and in terms of jobs.