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W/C 20th May

This week we have a few additions to our week.

Thursday - National Numeracy Day - we will spend extra time throughout the day exploring some mathematical problems.

Friday pm - Games afternoon - Reuben won a golden ticket in the raffle last term. The children will be able to bring in their own board games to play with in the afternoon. No electronics please.



Yr 4 - We will be finishing our unit of Time this week and then spend the rest of the week solving problems.

Yr 5 - We have started our Decimals unit last week, this week we will be adding and subtracting decimals with the same number of decimal places, adding and subtracting decimals with a different number of decimal places.


Literacy in Ash Class

We are producing some great writing from our story so far. This week we will be writing our diary extract from the old man. 



Yr 3 - We will be planning our plant growth investigation.

Yr 4 - We will be learning about the different layers within our teeth. 

Yr 5 - We will be looking at our planet. We will be researching environmental issues we are facing throughout the world.



We will continue with our set designs.