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Our aim at Fittleworth Primary School is to establish a comprehensive art curriculum that is built on the principles of creativity, exploration, and expression. We believe that the study of art offers unique opportunities to develop skills, knowledge, and understanding that enrich our students' lives while improving their well-being and cognitive abilities.




We will implement the following strategies to achieve our intent;

1. Offer a broad and balanced art curriculum: Our art curriculum will be designed to offer a range of practical and theoretical experiences that will enable our children to build a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and concepts. This approach will include a range of activities such as drawing, painting, sculpting, printing, and digital media.

2. Develop sequential learning: We will develop a well-structured curriculum that will provide a clear sequence of learning objectives for each key stage, using planning inspired by Access Arts. This will ensure that our students are always moving forward in their artistic development and gaining deeper insights into the artistic process.

3. Engage with the wider art community: We will create partnerships with local and national artists, galleries, and museums to help support and extend learning. This approach will allow our children to access a range of resources, expertise, and cultural contexts that will broaden their appreciation of art.

4. Foster a positive learning environment: We will create a safe and positive environment for learning, where students feel comfortable and confident to take risks, experiment and showcase their work. We will also provide regular feedback, praise and constructive criticism to help students develop their skills and confidence.




By implementing this Art curriculum, we aim to impact the following areas in our school;

1. Improved academic outcomes: Through the study of art, our children will develop critical thinking skills, visual literacy and creativity, which will support their learning across all subjects.

2. Improved individual development: Our approach will enable children to develop their unique artistic voice, confidence, and self-esteem.

3. Improved cultural capital: Our engagement with the wider art community will expose our children to a diverse range of perspectives, traditions and art forms that will expand their cultural horizons.

4. Improved wellbeing: Through the study of art, we aim to improve the wellbeing of our students, by providing opportunities for self-expression, relaxation and reflection.