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w/b 6th May

This week is a Bank Holiday on Monday so we will see you on Tuesday. 


Tuesday: Y3s have the Forest in the afternoon as normal. Y4s will be visiting Chichester Public library as part of our drive to promote reading for pleasure across the school. We will be leaving at lunchtime and be back in time for home time / after school clubs. 


Literacy in Maple Class

After considering how the Iron Man is feeling in chapter 2, we will be writing letters to the Iron Man from Hogarth, before using drama to explore chapter 3. 


Literacy in Ash Class

This week we will be writing a character description. We will revisiting main and subordinate clauses, focusing on starting our sentences in different ways and also learning how to use colons and semi-colons correctly in our writing.



Y3: We will be moving onto telling the time this week, starting with roman numerals, telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes and to the minute. 

Y4: We will be comparing amounts of money, estimating money and calculating with money. 



Y3: We will be looking at exploration and discovery from the Mayan civilisation this week, looking at a range of artefacts and sources to see what we can learn. 

Y4: We will be learning about who Boudicca was and why she lead a rebellion. 

Y5: The children will be introduced to the oral tradition of African history and the story of Eweka, the rise to power of the first Oba of Benin in AD 1180. 



Yr 3 - We will be finishing our Light unit this week, we juts need to evaluate our shadow investigation.

Yr 4 - We are starting our new unit, The Digestive System. To begin with we will be learning about teeth, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores.

Yr 5 - We will be learning about the life cycles of amphibians and insects



This week, we are finding out which pathway is most practised in the Hindu community. We will be looking at some examples of devotion and look at how Hindu children show devotion and celebrate. 



We are beginning to make our nests this week using resources and materials to practise building a small scale nest. 



We will be learning about the history of stop motion animation by looking at Wallace and Gromit.