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Welcome to Beech Class!


Teachers in Beech Class are....

Mrs McNally Monday and Tuesday

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Mrs McKee Wednesday, Thursday and Friday

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The Teaching Assistant is

Mrs Organ Monday - Friday

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Learning in Reception - expectations for supporting learning at home


The children will bring home a reading book (with just pictures at first, then with simple words, phrases and sentences) to share at home. Please take the time to share this with your child. Discuss the pictures and increasingly practise sounding out the words. Research shows that sharing books has the single biggest impact on learning. Please make a quick note and date the reading record so we know that your child needs their book to be changed. Reading books will usually be changed on Tuesdays and Thursdays. If you are able to spend 10 minutes or so sharing their book each day, this will make a huge difference. 


There will also be a sound book for your child to record things beginning with that sound and to practise forming the letter to represent each sound. We use the 'Read, Write Inc.' scheme to encourage correct letter formation. There is a sheet with all of the formation rhymes in your child's book bag. 

 Other learning resources such as a word wallet and number bag will also be coming home in the book bag in due course. Please help your child to learn their words and become familiar with their numbers. We teach the children to count and order numbers first to 10, then to 20. Also matching a quantity of objects to the correct numeral. You can use these resources to create games such as sequencing the numerals and removing one to see if your child knows which is missing. It would be fantastic if you are able to do this together at home a couple of times each week.


Please return these resources to the book bag after use and ensure they come into school each day as we also use them to support your child's learning in school.


PE days are Mondays and Fridays in Beech Class - Due to Covid restrictions we are currently asking that children wear their PE kit to school on these days. Thank you.


If you have any questions, please do speak to either Mrs McNally or Mrs McKee. If you need an appointment, please ask at the office where they will be happy to organise this in line with social distancing guidance. We look forward to working together with you to support your child's first year in school. 


Summer Term 2021



Monday 7th June

Hello Everyone. We hope that you have all had a lovely week and enjoyed the weather. We look forward to welcoming the children back for their final half term as Year R! 


This half term looks to be full of fun and a welcome return to normality! We will be able to enjoy the school swimming pool for the remainder of the academic year, so please ensure swimming things are in school. Our allotted swimming session is on a Wednesday, but if there is availability, we will always try to fit in an extra session so aim to keep swimming kit in school each day. 


PE days will remain the same, so please continue to send your children in wearing their PE kit on these days.


This half term we will be looking at mini beasts, then moving onto thinking about creatures we might find at the seaside... in preparation for our optimistically planned beach trip (fingers and sandy toes crossed).


Please continue to share reading books at home and record this in your child's reading record. Don't forget we always love to see pictures/videos of your children's learning at home which will add into their learning journey. 


We look forward to seeing you all.


Best wishes,

Mrs McNally and Mrs McKee :)


Monday 19th April


Welcome back Beech Class.


We hope that you have all had a restful Easter break. We look forward to welcoming everyone back for the final term. Please note that the Beech Class bubble times are now 9am - 3pm (with the exception of children with a sibling in school. These families may arrive for the same drop off and collect time).


PE days will remain the same and we would continue to ask you to send your child in wearing their kit on these days please.


Before the Easter break the children were very excited by the delivery of letters seemingly from visiting fairies; Rose and Bud. This term we are wondering if the magic may continue and we may be lucky enough to engage in further correspondence with these tiny visitors! We will encourage lots of letter writing to improve the chances of the magic continuing! We are sure that your children will keep you posted on any updates.....


Please ensure children return to school with a named water bottle and a coat. Fortunately the weather seems bright and pleasant, but we do try to get out in all weathers, so a coat is still needed in school at this time of year. 


We hope that the new term will also be accompanied with ever-reducing national restrictions, so everything crossed for some of the usual Summer time fun including Sport's Day, trips and outdoor enjoyment. 


We hope you all have a super week.


Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally :)


Spring Term 2021


Monday 29th March


Hello Beech Class,


This is our final week before we break for Easter. Owing to an INSET day on Thursday and the Good Friday Bank Holiday on Friday, the last day of term will be Wednesday 31st. 


It was lovely to speak with you all last week and have the opportunity to discuss your child's progress. As we enter the final term of the Reception year we will begin to prepare your children for the new and exciting challenges ahead of them in Year One. Part of this transition will involve encouraging them to undertake more independent writing in readiness for Key Stage 1. Please help us with this by encouraging your child to write for different purposes at home - shopping lists, cards, thank yous, letters to family and friends, wish lists, plans, labelled designs, letters to the tooth fairy, anything and everything! 


Also, please do continue to utilise the number bags and word wallets from your child's book bag in addition to sharing reading books and using the sound book. We see huge progress in the children who supplement their learning in school with frequent, short bursts of these activities practised at home. 


To close the term, we wanted to thank you for your continued support and efforts to make the very best of what has certainly been an unusual year. We are all hoping that the Summer Term will allow us more freedoms and the chance to enjoy the things we have missed such as school trips, using our school swimming pool, getting to play and learn with the wider school community and again uniting as a whole school. 


Wishing you all a safe and blessed Easter period. 


Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Monday 22nd March


Hello Beech Class,


First my apologies, I have only realised after logging on this evening that I forgot to push 'save' last Sunday evening so the website wasn't updated. My sincere apologies!


This week we will continue with Spring time activities. The children have generally settled back into the school routine well and we have been delighted to welcome new friends as well as a sad farewell. We wish Hudson all the very best at his new school, and say a warm hello to Sophie and Paulo.


This Wednesday is parent consultation day. Please ensure you book a slot for a zoom/telephone catch up with Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally about how your child is progressing in Reception. It is also class photos on Wednesday so don't forget to bring your smile and try not to drop toothpaste on your school jumper before school! 


Please do continue to share reading books, word wallets and number bags at home and make a note in the reading record so we know what your child has done. We will change reading books on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The home-school partnership is so important. The difference that we see when these activities are undertaken at home as well as in school is really significant, so please help us to help your children by spending a few minutes each day sharing these activities together. 


Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. We look forward to speaking to you all on Wednesday.


Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Monday 8th March


Welcome back!!!! It will be lovely to see you all back in school this week. We will be focusing on settling back into school routines and reconnecting with peers in these first few days. We will then establish where the children are with their learning and identify the prioroties for teaching in the weeks ahead.


Our thanks to parents for their commitment to home learning. Owing to the wonderful engagement, we have seen some great progress in the weeks that we have been learning remotely. The situation has been challenging, but with your ongoing support we are confident that the whole Fittleworth community will face this challenge with determination and positivity. 


We are delighted to welcome two new friends to Beech Class. We look forward to introducing you all to each other this week. 


We will return to normal PE lessons on Mondays and Fridays, so please come in wearing your PE kit on these days. We are going to be thinking about Spring and the seasonal changes we are beginning to see outside for the remainder of this term. 


We look forward to seeing each and every one of you!


Best wishes,


Mrs McNally, Mrs McKee & Mrs Organ :)


W/B Monday 1st March


Hello Beech Class! All learning will be added daily to Tapestry and Class Dojo. Please also complete 1x literacy activity and 1x numeracy activity each day from the learning grids. 

We cannot wait to welcome everyone back into the classroom on Monday 8th March. Enjoy the final week of home learning.


Best wishes,

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Monday 22nd February 


Hello Beech Class! Welcome back. We hope you all had a lovely half term break.


We are hoping to all be back in school on Monday 8th March (dependent on Mr Johnson's annoucement) so we have decided to approach the next two week's home learning in a slightly different way to last half term. 


We have produced two learning grids, one for literacy and one for numeracy, each with 16 activities. These activity options will be available for the next two weeks.


Each day we will continue to upload a welcome post and a daily activity, in addition to these we would ask that you chose ONE LITERACY ACTIVITY AND ONE NUMERACY ACTIVITY EACH DAY and upload this to Tapestry. It is our hope that this will enable you to select the activities that are both inspiring for your child and managable at home alongside your other commitments. 


Please find below the activity grids. These will also be available on Tapestry.


Numeracy Activity Grid




Literacy Activity Grid



We hope that this way of working will be managable and encourage the children to be enthusiastic about their daily tasks for the next couple of weeks. 


We hope to see everyone again soon. In the mean time, we will be available during school hours to answer your queries and support with learning. 

Best wishes,

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Tuesday 9th February 


Happy Tuesday! Today is Safer Internet Day, so you might take some time to talk to your child about staying safe online. You can find resources online to help; the EYFS powerpoint here might be useful. 


All of the activities for Tuesday are now available on Tapestry and Class Dojo.


I look forward to seeing what you do today.

Mrs McNally :)


Monday 8th February 


Hello Beech Class! Final week before the half term break.


I hope that you have all had a good weekend? Congratulations to Kitty and Penelope who were last week's star learners. Great job girls. Who will be awarded stars this week?


This week we will be learning all about Minibeasts (and Chinese New Year towards the end of the week). 


Don't forget to check out the Assemblies each day via the Collective Worship tab


All Beech Class learning will be added daily to Tapestry and Class Dojo for you to access. Teachers will be available to support with learning and for feedback during school hours. We love to see your child's work, so please upload to Tapestry for addition to their journals. As always, a big thank you for your continued support and efforts at home. I think we are all looking forward to a little break next week! We do appreciate how challenging this period of remote learning has been for many, and hope that we will soon be able to all return to face to face learning in school.


Music with Marco will be on Wednesday, we hope you can join us via Zoom.


Have a great week - perhaps with some snow!?


Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Friday 5th February


Well done for another week of homeschooling everyone. I hope you all had  wonderful day yesterday and I look forward to hearing what you all did on Tapestry. 

All your activities for today are on Class dojo and Tapestry. 

We hope you all have a wonderful weekend

Mrs McKee


Thursday 4th February


As part of children's mental health week we have dedicated today as a day off timetable. A day to talk about how we are feeling, a day to do what you really enjoy doing together as a family. A day to express yourself through your art, music, singing, writing, the clothes you like to wear. 

Click on to the link to see our school's wellbeing page which gives you an idea of activities linked to wellbeing.


We all hope you have a lovely stress free day, you all most certainly deserve it and look forward to hearing all about it on Friday. 


Tuesday 2nd February


Hello Everyone. I hope this finds you all well. All of today's learning is now available on Tapestry and Class Dojo. I look forward to seeing what you enjoy doing at home today.


Have a great Tuesday.


Mrs McNally :)


Monday 1st February

Goodness, how is it February already?! I hope you've all had a great weekend. This week we will base our learning activities aound reptiles and amphibians. We love to hear about the knowledge that your children already have as well as their new learning, so please do upload their achievements to Tapestry so we are able to celebrate these sucesses with you. 


It's great if you can add photos and short video recordings of the children engaging with the learning tasks that we set as we can add these to their profiles which culminate to produce a record of their learning in the Reception year. The more of these tasks that we are able to gather evidence from, the better their coverage of learning across the curriculum will be. That said, many of you enjoy wonderful rich learning experiences at home including outdoor hobbies, animal care, playing instruments and a huge range of other fun activities and we love to see these too. All of these things offer learning opportunities for your child which in turn provide transferable skills. 


Our thanks again for the phenomenal efforts that you are putting in at home. It's beginning to feel as though this pandemic has been a part of our lives forever, I know, but hopefully the end is in sight.


We will also be marking Children's Mental Health Week with some ativities that help us focus on maintaining good mental health in these challenging times.


All of the learning activities for Monday are available for you to access via Tapestry and Class Dojo. Wherever possible, please upload learning to Tapestry as this adds directly to the children's learning journals. Thank you.


Have a great week.


Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Thursday 28th January 


Thursday's learning activities are now available on Tapestry and classdojo. Hope you all have a wonderful day and we look forward to seeing your photos and videos throughout the day 😊

Mrs McKee 😊


Tuesday 26th January

Hello Everyone. 

The learning for Tuesday is available on Tapestry and Class Dojo. 

Thank you for all the lovely work that was submitted yesterday.

I look forward to seeing your work for Tuesday.

Mrs McNally :)


Monday 25th January


Welcome to a new week everyone! I believe some of you had snow over the weekend. I hope you got to play outside and enjoy it, if you did.


This week we will be learning all about birds in preparation for the RSPB Big Birdwatch which starts on Thursday this week. Look out for lots of activities online and on the BBC from Thursday and over the weekend.


All of the learning for today is available for you on Tapestry and Class Dojo. Please upload to Tapestry everything that you child engages with at home so that we can add this to their Learning Journals and apply the appropriate areas of learning to their profiles. 


Photographs of work, short videos of the children learning, reading or telling stories, presenting their findings and new knowledge, or just a few typed sentences from parents in an observation to let us know what they have been doing, all add to their profile of learning experiences. 


Thank you for your continued support with home learning. We really do appreciate how difficult spinning all these plates can be! You are all doing a great job. Keep in contact with us - teachers are available during school hours via Dojo or Tapestry, please let us know if you have questions/issues to discuss. 


Big congratuations to Beech Class star learners last week; Lucie and Maisy. Who will it be this week?


Have a great week. We look forward to seeing your lovely work.


Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Friday 22nd January

Well done everyone. You've made it through another week homeschooling and you have all been brilliant. Thank you 

All today's learning is now on tapestry and class dojo. I can't wait to see all your photos and videos of all the learning activities you have done today. 

Have a great weekend  ☺️


Thursday 21st January

Good Morning Everyone!

I hope you're all ok this morning. I loved seeing you at zoom and really enjoyed our under the ocean quiz 😊

You've been working really hard this week. Thank you for all the effort you have made 😊

Head over to Tapestry or class dojo to see your learning activities for today. 

As always I look forward to seeing all your photos and videos

Mrs McKee X 


Wednesday 20th January.

Hello Beech Class, 

We're really looking forward to seeing you this morning at 10am for our Zoom music with Marco. Check Tapestry or class dojo for all the login details. You'll also find some fun learning activities for the day. 

See you soon 

Mrs McKee X x


Tuesday 19th January 

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone is well. Thank you for all your fantastic work yesterday. Tuesday's tasks will be available for you to see on both Tapestry and Class Dojo.

I look forward to hearing from you all tomorrow.

Take care,

Mrs McNally :)


Monday 18th January 

Hello Everyone,

Learning for Monday will be added to both Tapestry and Dojo. Please upload to Tapestry where possible. 
We love seeing all the work that you are busy doing at home. Big congratulations to Samson and Max for winning the Beech Class stars of the week on Friday! ⭐️ I wonder who will wow us this week?


Teachers will be available via Tapestry and Dojo during school hours for support and to answer any questions. Have a great week. Well done for everything you are all doing in these challenging times. 

Best wishes 

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Friday 15th January 

Hello everyone!!!!! It's Friyay!!!!! Well done for another great week of home learning. We have loved seeing all your work this week. I've really enjoyed the show and tells and the polar art work and the maths and your writing!!!! Wow you have been busy!

PE - today we normally do PE at school. We would love you to be active at home too


Click the link above to join Jamie for some cosmic kids yoga. 

Alternatively you could join Joe Wicks for some PE.

Don't forget to post a photo or video of your workout on here!

ICT and Purple Mash

Purple mash is a computer programme for children at school. Within purple mash is an area called mini mash, this is specifically for Reception class. 

Go to...

Purple and login

Your login details are in the back of your reading diaries 

Click on to mini mash and see if you can find the painting area and paint a picture on line. Don't forget to post your pictures on to Tapestry.

We're practising more curly caterpillar letters today. Head over to class Dojo or tapestry to see the video of how to firm the letters 

Have a great day and weekend


Thursday 14th January 

Today's story is  "Big Brother Little Bear"

Big Brother Little Bear

Still image for this video

This is today's story "Big Bear Little brother" 


Imagine you could be rescued by any animal in the world. Which animal would you like to be rescued by? 


Can you draw a picture to show me and either write some words around it or sentences or your adult at home with you can write down what you would like to tell us.


Polar bear art



After reading our book I thought it would be nice to create some polar bears. You can make them however you wish. You could use water colours, junk modelling, Lego, playdoh... I've popped some photos on to give you all some ideas.



I've posted a little video of the digraphs that you have learned this week.

2 of our new sounds are vowel digraphs. There are 5 letters in the alphabet that are vowels, these are a,e,i,o,u

Watch this vowel song which shows you each vowel.

Vowel Song

Still image for this video



I would like you to use your number cards everyday and try and order them correctly up to 20, if you can't yet keep going you can do it! 


Once you have done that I would like you to pick numbers 1-5 and close your eyes and pick 2 cards from that pile. Find the number of objects (I've used pasta pieces) that matches the number on the card and then add them together to find the total of both numbers. You can then find the number card that is the same as the total. See video below


Still image for this video

Wednesday 13th January


Don't forget music this morning at 10am with Marco. Our theme is winter.  Come wearing your favourite winter accessories and share them with us, it could be a scarf, hat, boots!


Password and Id is available on both tapestry and class dojo. 


Show and Tell - We thought it would be fun to have some show and tell time this afternoon. Can you record a video and upload to Tapestry of your show and tell. You may want to show us a new toy you got for Christmas, a skill that you have learnt or maybe something you have made. We look forward to seeing your videos. 


Keep practising your Jolly phonics song at home, Can you teach the adult at home with you, some of the sounds and the actions that go with the. 



Click on these links to listen to these shapes songs


BBC 2D shape song

BBC 3D shape song


Can you go on a shape hunt around your house? How many 2D shapes can you find? How many 3D shapes. post your pictures or videos on Tapestry so we can see what you have found. 


Tuesday 12th January


Hi All,


Owing to the challenges with the Tapestry platform yesterday, all of today's learning has been uploaded to both Tapestry and Class Dojo. If at all possible, please upload work to Tapestry as this makes it much easier to apply to children's learning journals.


The site is struggling with overwhelming traffic so if it's easier to do the learning during the day and upload in the evening, that's fine. You may find that lunch time and again between 3pm and 4pm are quieter too. 


If it is impossible to upload to Tapestry, you can pop work on Dojo and we will endeavour to move it across to Tapestry, but Tapestry is preferable. 


Have a great day. Stay safe.

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Wk beg. Monday 11th January

Hello Everyone! We loved hearing from so many of you last week. 


Hopefully the challenges with Tapestry have now been ironed out so we shouldn't face the issues of last week with error messages and delayed upload speeds. If at all possible, please upload your work to Tapestry rather than Dojo as it will be added to the children's learning journal from Tapestry and work on Dojo will require us to screen shot and move each individual photo and blurb to Tapestry which is very time-consuming. Don't worry if you have already uploaded to dojo, we will move these across, but please use Tapestry if you can.


This week we will start learning the vowel digraphs (a single phoneme formed of two written graphemes). Please help your child to remember the sound that these make in words with the rhyme 'When two vowels go walking, the first does the talking' - so /ai/ makes an /a/ sound, /ea/ makes an /e/ sound etc. There will be new sounds on Tapestry each day. Watch the video clips and then attempt the tasks that help the children apply what they have learnt.


Activities will be uploaded for each day. These will include story times, phonics tasks, computer games, number tasks, creative activities and physical challenges as well as our live Zoom music lesson on Wednesday mornings. Please also continue to share lots of books at home.


Please encourage your child to engage with as many as of the daily tasks as you can. Obviously we would expect their learning at this age to be play based, but it is really helpful for us to monitor progress if we see a good cross-section of work across the curriculum areas uploaded to their learning journals on Tapestry. Teachers will be available to respond to questions/queries during each school day via Tapestry or dojo, but please bear with us as we are also in school with key worker children. 


We are both working Mummies and we do understand that this isn't easy. You are all doing a great job in unprecedented times, so please give yourselves a pat on the back and keep going! 


We miss seeing you all, so it will be lovely to see your faces on Wednesday for music! We will put the Zoom log in details on Tapestry before Wednesday. 


We cannot wait to see your work this week.


Take care, stay safe and look after each other.

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Wednesday 5th January 

Back to home learning! Are you all ready for some fun activities on line?! Don't forget to check the home learning page on the website for on going activities and check tapestry for our daily activities. 


Music with Marco will continue on a Wednesday morning, starting from next Wednesday 12th January at 10am.


We're looking forward to seeing all your wonderful observations and of course missing you all immensely. 


Mrs McKee and Mrs McNally x


Wk beg. Monday 4th January 2021!


Happy New Year everyone! We hope you had a lovely Christmas break.


***We are experiencing some issues with heating in the EYFS/KS1 classrooms so please ensure your child has warm uniform layers on this week to keep warm whilst we are needing to keep ventilation maintained and awaiting an engineer repair***


This week we will welcome you all back to begin the new term. We will be focusing our learning around Winter weather, the Artic and Antarctic regions and their native wildlife populations starting with penguins and polar bears. 


Our role play area will be transformed into a post office to offer lots of opportunities for writing and mark making. 


We will be moving on with Phase 3 letters and sounds in phonics which includes teaching of digraphs - single sounds formed of two letters.


We will continue with our Focus Child cycle and Show and Tell will take place for these children on a Wednesday. As always, check book bags for letters and information. 


Please ensure children have a warm coat, wellies, a water bottle and their book bags in school every day.


Best wishes,

Mrs McNally & Mrs McKee :)


Please click here for the Parent Guide to the EYFS 


The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum (2014) has 3 prime and 4 specific areas of learning:


Prime Areas


  • Personal Social and Emotional Development

  • Communication and Language

  • Physical Development


Specific areas


  • Literacy

  • Maths

  • Understanding the World

  • Expressive arts and design 


The curriculum is delivered through topics that change each half term.  The children will take part in whole class, group and one to one adult led and child initiated learning activities. For the remainder of the time they have ‘free flow’. Play underpins all development and learning for young children. Most children play spontaneously, although some may need adult support, and it is through play that they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally.  ‘Free flow’ provides opportunities for children to be active, independent learners and enhances all areas of learning. Observing children during their play provides the foundations for assessment in the Early Years.