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w/b 10th June 2024

Literacy in Maple Class

This week we will be planning our own Monkey King stories using some of the grammar objectives we have been focussing on for this last half term. We will also be drawing on what we already know about this author and attempt to write in his style. 


Literacy in Ash

The diary entries last week were brilliant. This week we will be 'levelling up' our writing by ensuring we use fronted adverbials, higher level vocab and punctuation.



Yr 3 - We will begin with making observations on our plant growth investigation. Then we will look at different seeds and also how the stem transports water.

Yr 4 - We will be setting up our enamel investigation so that we can make observations over the next few weeks. We will then moving on to learn about the digestive system.

Yr 5 - We will be learning about pollination.



Y3- We will be exploring horizontal, vertical, parallel and perpendicular lines. We will be learning about 2d shapes and polygons. 

Y4- Year 4s will be learning about polygons and symmetry.  



Y3- We will be learning how to use a key to show how land is used. 

Y4- We will be revising the water cycle. 

Y5- We will be using symbols to describe features on an OS map. 



We will be enquiring into the character of Muhammad this week. 



We will be continuing with our PowerPoint presentations this week learning new skills.