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w/b 2nd October 2023

Literacy in Maple Class: Last week we wrote our own short stories linked to Arthur and the Golden Rope. This week we are planning and writing a diary entry. We will be revising how to use adjectives and verbs to make our writing more interesting, as well as remembering how to use capital letters for proper nouns. For our diaries we will be revising the structure and features of a diary before beginning to imagine what it would have been like for Arthur on his adventures. 


Literacy in Ash Class: 

We are going to be exploring how we can use different punctuation within our writing and write a fact file about Mount Everest.



Y3: We will adding and subtracting 1s and 10s across 100. 

Y4: We will be adding and subtracting 1s, 10s, 100s and 1000s with and without exchanges. 



RE: In RE lessons this week, we will be focusing on Harvest to prepare for our Harvest festival which is on Friday at 2pm over at the church. Each class will be giving a short presentation about how harvest is celebrated across the world. 



Computing: We will be using the computers to do some research on the internet this week all about our history topics. Year 3 need to find out more about the Stone Age diet. Year 4 need to find out about Athens and Sparta. 




Y3: We will be finding out the Stone Age diet this week. What did they eat? How do we know? Would they have had a healthy lifestyle? How does their diet compare to our diet today?

Y4: We will be learning about Athens and Sparta this week. What were the differences between the two city states? Who ruled each city state? 

Y5: We will be finding out about the Iron Age this week. When did it start? Why was it called the Iron Age? What were the biggest changes at this time from the Bronze Age? 



Yr 3 - Continuing with skeletons, this week we will be learning about animals with and without a spine.

Yr 4 - We will be grouping plants, focusing on flowering and non flowering plants and different parts of plants.

Yr 5 -  This week we will be carrying out our investigation of air resistance. We have made our parachutes and will be finding out which one takes the longest to fall to the ground.



Art: We are finally able to start our comic strip books. The children have been busy planning their adventure stories using pencils, charcoals and chalks. This week we are going to make a good start at getting our ideas onto paper. 



A note about spellings: Please can we ask all parents to support their children in the learning of the Common Exception Words found at the back of the spelling books. In class, we are going to be focusing on the teaching of spelling patterns through 3 targeted lessons a week using the No Nonsense Spelling Scheme. Children must keep reading every day at home and practising their times tables.