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20th November

We are working hard on our Christmas play! 


Literacy - This week we will be using the text 'Solo'. We will be watching penguins on some short video clips and our focus will be nouns for year 1 and nouns, verbs and adjectives for year 2. We will be listening to part of the story and writing a prediction. We will be identifying and listing nouns, verbs and adjectives and seeing how they impact a sentence. We will be writing about Solo and penguins and be identifying these words within our sentences. 


Maths- Year 2 will be consolidating our shape work with some reflective symmetry, more practical work on identifying properties of 3D shapes, solving missing number problems and solving addition and subtractions problems. 


Year 1 we are recapping addition this week.


Phonics - Year 2 will be working on alternative spellings of e-e, i-e and u-e and practising more of their common exception words.


Year 1- We are learning the u-e, oy and ir sounds.


Science - Year 1will be labelling parts of the human body and year 2 will be exploring different ways you can change the shape of a material.


Topic- Our Christmas will will use some of our topic times but when we are not doing the play will will continue our chairs for the three bears and find out about Polar explorers.


RE - We will continue to be learning and writing about the Christmas story. 


RSHE- We are learning who to ask for if we need help? How does our bodies react when we don't want to be touched?