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w/b 22nd April

This week, we have our PTA Fun Run on Tuesday afternoon, so Year 3 will not be going to the Forest. Please can all children still wear PE kits as normal. 


Literacy in Maple Class

We will be focussing on our grammar objective on Monday, and revising how to use fronted adverbials. We have read chapter 1 of the Iron Man, and we will wait for the year 4s to return from the Isle of Wight to continue our story. 



Y3: We will be finding out about religion and gods from the Ancient Mayan civilisation. 

Y4: This week, we will be finding out why the Romans invaded Britain. 

Y5: We found out about the Benin kingdom last week, and this week we will be exploring religion and what they believed.


Science - 

Yr 3 - We will be planning an investigation to investigate shadows. We will then wait until a really sunny day to carry out the investigation!

Yr 4 - Last week we learnt how to classify mammals, this week we will be using classification keys for plants.

Yr 5 - We will be exploring the different gestational periods of different mammals.



Y3: We are composing an email this week through Purple Mash. 

Y4: We will explore Animation this week, and begin to familiarise ourselves with the tools in 2Animate. 



This week we are looking at the story of Arjuna and his dilemma. He seeks counsel from Krishna. We will be thinking about our own lives and how we often face 'battles'. Who do we turn to for advice? 



Y3: We are coming to the end of our Fraction unit. We're looking at unit fractions, non-unit fractions, how to reason using fractions and then next week we will be moving on to Money. 

Y4: Comparing decimals and ordering decimals this week, before the year 4s head to the Isle of Wight! 


Hope the Year 4s have a brilliant few days away. We will miss you and cant wait to hear all about it! 


Year 4 parents, any questions about the Isle of Wight, please do not hesitate to speak to Mrs Murphy.