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13th May



Literacy - This week we will be hearing and reading some poems. We will be reciting some to our friends, creating a haiku one based on natural objects, creating a class poem to perform and answering some questions about a poem. 


Phonics/ Spelling - Year 2 will be developing their understanding of contractions and singular possessive apostrophes. 


Year 1 will be continuing with the switch it sounds, sounds that look the same but sound different. We will be looking at /ou/ and /o/


Maths - Year 2 - This week we will be moving onto a unit on statistics. We will be making tally charts, tables and block diagrams, drawing pictograms and interpret pictograms.


Year 1 will be finishing off the multiplication and division unit by making groups and sharing them. We will then move on to out new unit on Fractions. We will begin by recognising and finding half of an object.


History- We will be creating a shield for Christopher Columbus considering 4 events to represent in picture form on it.


Science - Year 2 will be exploring the life cycles of different mammals. Year 1 will be exploring deciduous and evergreen trees. 


Design and Technology - We will be making fruit salads and developing our cutting skills.


RE - We will be creating a bit of artwork inspired by Rabityness showing Pentecost.


Computing- Year 1 will be developing their presenting skills in 'paint' and year 2 will be developing their skills in quizzing.