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15th April

Welcome back after Easter! I hope you all had a lovely break.




FOREST SCHOOL YEAR 1 - Tuesday, please wear appropriate clothes including wellies and bring a waterproof coats and trousers if you have them. Please also bring your PE in a bag to change into for the afternoon. 


Literacy - We will be using the book 'Jolly Rogers - The pirates next door' and 'The Beastly pirates' to begin our Summer term. We will be writing about the Easter holidays, brainstorming adjectives about pirates and year 2 will be focusing on suffixes. We will be writing a wanted poster for a pirate and writing a letter in response back to the girl in the book using adjectives. 


Phonics - Year 2 will be assessed on their phonics and developing their understanding of contractions e.g. can't.


Year 1 will be moving to the higher lever 5 phonics and looking at the different /i/ and /o/ sounds.


Maths - Year 2 We will be practising our arithmetic of all 4 calculations we have now learnt and fractions. We will be learning to tell the time to the O'clock, half past, quarter past and quarter to. Please help your child with this at home.


Year 1 will be finishing off our maths topic of volume and capacity. 


Science- Year 1 will be labelling parts of a tree and year 2 will be exploring bulbs and seeds by looking at fruit and vegetables using magnifying glasses and dissecting them.


History - We will be exploring what makes a pirate and finding out about Blackbeard. 


DT- We will be finding out where foods come from, building on what we started last half term and exploring this in terms of different salads. 


Computing - We will begin by discussing another aspect of online safety. Year 1 will be exploring beebots and giving directions. Year 2 will be exploring lighting when taking photos.


RE - We will begin our unit exploring Pentecost. We will explore feelings of loneliness using 'Rabbityness'. We will explore how the disciples felt after Jesus ascended into heaven. This builds on nicely from our learning and discussions last half term.