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W/C 11th September

It was lovely to be back in the classroom last week and organising ourselves into our new routines. 

A gentle reminder that all children need a pencil case in school every day. This can live on their desk or in their trays, and I will send them home at the end of the half term to be replenished. 

PE days at Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please remember to wear PE kits on these days. 

Also, the children will need to have their reading book, diary and spelling book in school with them each day.


Year 4 parents: Please ask your child which classroom they are in for Literacy and for Maths, and refer to the relevant information below. 



Yr 5 - Continuing looking at numbers up to 1,000,000. We will be partitioning numbers, placing them on a number line, comparing and ordering numbers and also finding 10/100/1,000/10,000/100,000 more or less of a number.


Yr 4 - numbers to 10,000. We will be finding 1, 10, 100 and 1000 more or less. We will use number lines to 10,000 as well as estimating numbers on a number line to 10,000. 


Literacy in Ash Class:

We have begun to look at our text, Everest by Alexandra Stewart. We will be exploring any new technical vocabulary. We will be creating a word bank of adjectives and word choices that can engage the reader. Our final outcome will be writing a setting description.



Yr 3 - Our Science unit is Animals including humans. To start with we will be naming and identifying the bones of the human body.

Yr 4 - Our Science unit for this term is Grouping and classifying things. The first lesson will be looking at grouping different animals.

Yr 5 - Our Science unit is Forces. To start with we will be learning about friction.



Year 3 - We will be learning about the Stone Age. In our first lesson, we will be exploring what happened in the Stone Age. Using the timeline, we will look at when the Stone Age people lived, and the different time periods within the Stone Age. 

Year 4 - We will be learning about the Ancient Greeks. Who were the Ancient Greeks? When did they live? And what are they famous for?

Year 5 - We will be learning about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age (due to the re-structuring of the history curriculum last year, the Year 5s will be learning about the Stone Age through to the Iron Age this year, but in much greater depth than the Y3s, so that they do not miss out on this important period of history) This week, we will be looking closely at the Middle to late Stone Age period. 



By the end of this week we will be able to express the idea of holy ground/holy God in art work similar to a Jewish interpretation of Moses and the Burning Bush. 



This week we will be creating our own typography.



Yr 4 will be learning about photo editing and how to change a digital image.

Yr 5 will be focusing on programming a variety of devices. This week we will be look at crumbles.