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6th November

We will be starting the Christmas play more this week!


Literacy - This week we will be continuing to use the 'Rainbow Bear'. We will be drawing pictures in a story map to retell the story and then writing part of it, remembering finger spaces, full stops and capital letters. Also year 2 to use question marks in needed.


Maths - Year 2 This week we will be consolidating our adding and subtracting and then moving onto a unit on shape. We will be recognising 2D and 3D shape, counting the sides and vertices on 2D shapes, drawing 2D shapes and recognising lines of symmetry on 2D shapes.


Year 1- we are learning subtraction on a number line, add or subtract one or two, recognise 3D shapes and sort 3D shapes. 


Phonics- Year 2 We will be revising the alternative spellings of aw, ew and ue. Also learning some more common exception words (please practise these at home as well). 


Year 1- we are learning the spilt digraphs e-e, i-e and o-e.


Science - Year 1 will be comparing animals and year 2 will be looking at different materials around the school and what material they are made from.


Geography - We will exploring what and where the polar regions are? What the weather and climate is like? We will be labelling a continent map. 


RSHE- We are learning the names of our body parts and we are learning which parts are private. You will receive a letter to explain more about this but if you have any concerns please come and speak to one of us.


RE- We are learning about the Divali story Rama and Sita.