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In drawing club, we will be reading 'Superworm'. We will be drawing Superworm, designing a monster that is coming to town to get Superworm, we will invent a vehicle so everyone can escape the monster and think of a way that Superworm can capture the monster and save the townsfolk. 


We are also be writing a list of ingredients to make cupcakes for our sunflower party, writing messages to our butterflies before we release them and learning some minibeast facts.


In phonics, this week we will be continuing with Basics 4. We will be reading and writing words with more than 3 sounds such as flag, glad, swim etc.


In maths, we are learning to count back from 20, working out how many cups and cupcakes we need for our sunflower party, how many bottles of lemonade we need so everyone can have a drink and building models and describing them for our friends to make in the same way.