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Spend some time practising your spellings this morning. Begin to test yourself by covering up the words and writing them before checking. Choose another way of practising your spellings from your sheet. 

Maths - Recap: Add two 2-digit numbers - crossing tens - add ones and add tens

Literacy: Today I would like you to write the opening of your Greek myth. This half term, we have learned how to use expanded noun phrases which will come in useful as you write a descriptive opening. You will need to include a gripping first sentence to draw your reader in.

*Introduce your setting - where is your myth set? What is it like there? How does your character feel in this setting? 

*Introduce your main character with lots of description - what do they look like? what sort of character are they like? 


This is your first draft so take your time. You may need to change and edit some of your writing when you read through it and check. Does it make sense? Have you included capital letters and full stops? Have you used the correct spellings?

On Wednesdays in class we spend half an hour on Times Tables Rockstars. Login today and spend some time practising your times tables. Let me know how you get on!

RE from Mrs Allum