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W/C 28th Feb


Maths - Finish the symmetry worksheet from yesterday. There is a powerpoint that supports the worksheet if you need a quick recap.

After you have completed it you can do the timestables speed test and then play some timestables games. Don't forget you can use TTRockstars.


Spellings - continue with your word art from earlier in the week. Remember to focus on the spellings that you need to learn from the Yr 1/2 or 3/4 or 5/6 list.

Literacy - We have been enjoying reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. The 5 lucky winners are enjoying exploring the factory with Willy Wonka. Augustus and Violet have both left the tour, Augustus up the chocolate pipe and Violet for eating the gum and turning into a blueberry! 


You need to plan an additional character. Imagine that there is a news headline that there has been a sixth golden ticket winner. You need create your own character.

  • First of all you must think of a name.
  • What is their unappealing habit?
  • What does the character look like?
  • What will be their punishment/ lesson in the factory?
  • What will they look like leaving the factory?
  • Draw a picture of this character and write a character profile describing the character.


You will need to get some lined paper from Mrs Watts as I have the Literacy books at home, sorry!

Topic - Finish your chocolate box design. Think about what is going to go on each face of the box. What information is needed about your chocolates?

  • Ingredients
  • Fair Trade
  • Name
  • Exciting information
  • Bar code
  • Pictures

Think about the colours that you would like to use. 

These designs will be going into your topic books so make sure they are yout best work. Check you spellings and capital letters.