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W/C 24th Jan

Monday 24th September

Good Morning Ash Class,


I hope you are not too poorly if you are at home today!  To begin today, choose a reading comprehension from below.  Then take a look at the powerpoint on dividing 2 digits by 1 digit and have a go at the worksheet.  This afternoon we will be completing the worksheets for French from last week.  I have attached the French presentation below too to help remind you!


Good luck, have a great day and get well soon!


This week we are dividing. Make sure you watch the videos before trying the worksheets. There are various methods that will hopefully help you to understand how to divide. 

Wednesday - we are going to try to use the bustop method to divide over the next few days. Watch the powepoint and then give the sheet a go. Just keep practising.  

Thursday - have another go at using the bus stop method. This time there will be remainders at the end. 

Friday - its timestables day! Have a go at the speed test and then focus on some of your timestables. Practise them before playing some timestables related games. Don't forget you have TTRockstars that you can use.


This week we are continuing to use main and subordinate clauses within our writing. By the end of the week we will have a lovely piece of writing about the Chocolate Room.

Tuesday - LO: I can create a word bank of great nouns,verbs and adjectives.

Read chapter 14 and 15. If you have Charlie and the Chocolate factory on DVD then watch up to the part when they are in the Chocolate Room. If you do not have the DVD then you can watch the youtube clip. Then, write a list of nouns related to the Chocolate Room including characters, a list of adjectives that you can use to describe things within the Chocolate Room and a list of verbs. Think about your senses, smell, touch, taste, hear and see. 


Wednesday - LO: I can plan my writing

Today we will be planning our Chocolate Room writing. Look at your word bank from yesterday. Find some of your nouns.

  • What do you want to write about?
  • What does the chocolate room look/smell like?
  • What sounds can you hear? What is making the noises? 
  • What characters will your write about? What are they doing in the Chocolate Room?
  • What is Willy Wonka doing?


Write your ideas down in note form. 


Thursday - LO: I can use subordinate clauses within my writing of the Chocolate Room.

Today is the day you can start writing. We will spend today and tomorrow writing so don't worry about getting it all finished today.

When you have finished writing for today, remember to read through it and check for capital letter, spelling mistakes, punctuation and missing words. Did you manage to use subordinate clauses?


Friday - LO: I can use subordinate clauses within my writing of the Chocolate Room.

Read your writing from yesterday, is there anything that you need to change or add to it to make it better? 

Now, spend the time finishing your writing. Remember to read through it at the end to check it all makes sense.

Have you managed to use subordinate clauses? Have you remembered to use commas in the correct place?

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Chocolate Room

Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All rights reserved.


This week our focus is apostrophes. To start with we will be focusing on using an apostrophe for contractions.

Do not = don't

Could not = couldn't

She will = she'll

Was not = wasn't

Would have = would've

Does not = doesn't


How many more can you think of?

Topic - 

This week we are going to be learning all about the discovery of the Mayan civilisation. Have a look through the powerpoint. Think about what sources of evidence people find. Then look at the pictures and carry out the activity. 


***The powerpoint file was too big to upload so I have had to split it into 2 parts.***

As an extra bit of topic this week we are looking at the Mayan Writing System.

Take a look at the powerpoint and the hieroglyphs sheet. Can you create a short story using some of the hieroglyphs?


Using the 3 dance tutorials, add some of the moves to the music that we have chosen as a class.

Can you use the routines that we have learnt? Can you link some of the moves to create your own routine?